Current projects include:

• lyotropic chromonic lquid crystals • twist-bend nematics • heliconical cholesterics • electrophoresis and electro-osmosis enabled by liquid crystals • nanosecond electro-optics • living liquid crystals • topological defects • chirality and confinement • materials for transformation optic


Recent Highlights



New publication: "Active colloids in liquid crystals" by Oleg D. Lavrentovich. Click here to download the full article. Highlights: Liquid crystals enable electrokinetics with the velocity proportional to the field squared, Director distortions generate space charge in the presence of an electric field, Brownian motion in a liquid crystal is both anisotropic and anomalous, Bacterial trajectories in liquid crystals are controlled by the director, Living liquid crystals feature periodic band instability and topological turbulence.




Group photo after Shuang Zhou's Ph.D. defense at the Liquid Crystal Institute. Click here to watch the video of his presentation on "Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals: from viscoelastic properties to living liquid crystals."



Chirality amplification and detection by tactoids of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals has been published by Chenhui Peng et al in Soft Matter and highlighted at the cover page.