Current projects include:

• lyotropic chromonic lquid crystals • twist-bend nematics • heliconical cholesterics • electrophoresis and electro-osmosis enabled by liquid crystals • nanosecond electro-optics • living liquid crystals • topological defects • chirality and confinement • materials for transformation optic


Recent Highlights



Runa, Mojtaba, and Hend received the best oral presentation award at the 36th Annual Graduate Research Symposium at Kent State.



Holly presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at Kent State and tied for the first place. Congratulations!


Congratulations to Priyanka for winning the AMLCI Image Contest. The picture shows focal conic domains (FCDs) where the tip of the FCDs is of elliptical nature and the other part away from the tip is showing parabolic nature.