Current projects include:

• lyotropic chromonic lquid crystals • twist-bend nematics • heliconical cholesterics • electrophoresis and electro-osmosis enabled by liquid crystals • nanosecond electro-optics • living liquid crystals • topological defects • chirality and confinement • materials for transformation optic • liquid crystal elastomers


Recent Highlights





Shear-induced polydomain structures of nematic lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal disodium cromoglycate has been published by Hend Baza et al in Soft Matter and highlighted at the cover page


The International Liquid Crystal Society is proud to present the Glenn H. Brown Prize to Greta Babakhanova for her outstanding work on nematic elastomer coatings demonstrating the ability to program different surface profiles to the elastomer coating via its nematic director. It highlights general principles underlying this design mechanism by directly relating surface topography to the bend and splay of the director field and identifying the role of topological defects.



Dr. Oleg Lavrentovich is awarded as a Honored Member by the International Liquid Crystal Society for his outstanding achievement in research in the field of liquid crystals and continued community services to the international liquid crystal society.