► Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (2015)
     • Lecture 1
     • Lecture 2
     • Lecture 3

► Statics and Dynamics of Colloidal Particles in Liquid Crystals
     • Internet Seminar

► Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals: from viscoelastic properties to living liquid crystals
     • Shuang Zhou's PhD defense

► Active colloids in isotropic and anisotropic elektrolytes
     • Chenhui Peng's PhD defense

► Dynamic states of swimming bacteria in a nematic liquid crystal cell with homeotropic alignment
     • Video abstract by Shuang Zhou

► Spring School on the Mathematical Design of Materials (2019)
     • Design of Liquid Crystals for Microscale Dynamics 1
     • Design of Liquid Crystals for Microscale Dynamics 2

APS March Meeting 2020: Bioinspired liquid crystal patterns to command living matter (Power Point file with videos, PDF file)

3D Steerable solitons/directrons in nematic liquid crystals

► KITP Program: Symmetry, Thermodynamics and Topology in Active Matter (2020)
     • Liquid Crystals to control microswimmers and tissues ( view PDF file )

► Dynamics of living and inanimate microparticles controlled by nematic liquid crystals
     •Taras Turiv's PhD defense

► Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to Biomaterials
     •Tactoid-to-Toroid Topological Transition (4T-transition or T5) in Liquid Crystal Nuclei