Current projects include:

• lyotropic chromonic lquid crystals • twist-bend nematics • heliconical cholesterics • electrophoresis and electro-osmosis enabled by liquid crystals • nanosecond electro-optics • living liquid crystals • topological defects • chirality and confinement • materials for transformation optic


Recent Highlights





The International Liquid Crystal Conference 2018, Japan: Binxiang Li and Greta Babakhanova received the Kyoto Poster awards. Runa Koizumi received the RSC Poster Prize.


Glenn H. Brown Prize in Experimental Biology: For his outstanding research on the viscoelastic properties of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals showing many interesting features of a new class of active matters. Shuang's most important accomplishment was the discovery of a remarkable biomechanical material composed of swimming bacteria suspended in a water-soluble non-toxic liquid crystal, termed as a living liquid crystal.



Summer group photo with summer REI and high school students.